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AUDIO SERMONS: Build your faith as you listen to these messages guaranteed to make you think and grow in grace and the knowledge of who you are in Christ.

Dominating the Law of Sin and Death 11-27-2011
If we do not walk by faith and practise faith, the default law of sin and death will rule in our lives and circumstances. But by faith we can dominate by walking in faith and confessing our dominance through Jesus Christ over the default. Result? The law of the spirit of life rules.

Partners not Puppets

In this message given 11-20-2011 Pastor Ed breaks new ground in our understanding of God's Sovreignty and man's partnership in dominion and authority in the earth.

All Things Authority

Pastor Ed explains and expounds on the complete authority God gave us in Adam (which is restored by our redemption in Christ Jesus) and how to effect change in our present circumstances and dominate the effects of the law of sin and death.

The Spirit of Faith

Double Portion Power 10-30-11.

How to Prosper and Be in Health 7-24-2011

Strong in the Lord 3-27-2011

Binding the Strong Man 3-20-11

The Power Of God's Word 3-13-11

Gods Glory 3-6-11

No More Delay 2-27-11

Oil of the Holy Ghost 2-20-11

Fear No Evil, Psalm 23 Part 2

Green Pastures and Still Waters 2-6-11.mp3

John Mark Pool at VRCC January 23, 2011
In this dynamic message, John Mark Pool a prophetic evangelist spoke to Viola Ridge Christian Center with a wonderful, uplifting and encouraging message to the congregation and Pastor Ed DeBoard.

John Mark Pool returned to VRCC on January 30th for 2 dynamic messages morning and evening. During the evening message He ministered personal words of encouragement and edification to individuals in the congregation.
John Mark Pool at VRCC January 30, 2011 AM
John Mark Pool at VRCC January 30, 2011 PM
John Mark Pool at VRCC January 30, 2011 PM Part 2, personal prophesies.

Redemption on His Mind 12-5-2010

The Word Became Flesh

You Can Have What You Say 12-26-2010


Conditions for Being Blessed

Tapping into the Power of God for Your Life

The Vision We Need

No More Delay 2-27-11


The Right Way 7-25-2010

The Right Time 8-1-2010
Second in the Right Stuff Series. Today is the time we have been waiting for.

Rejoicing in the Goodness of God
God is good all the time. How good He is will only be fully known in heaven. But rejoice and recount the times He has come through for you and your own faith will grow by leaps and bounds!

I Will Yet Hope in God
This message given May 3oth will encourage you to build your hope in God's goodness as blueprint for faith.

Making Power Available
This message given 5/23/2010 explains how you can operate in the tremendous power of the Holy Spirit.

The Hand of the Lord
The Hand of the Lord brings blessing to His people, but judgment and vengeance to Satan's kingdom. Learn how we can be involved in the Hand of the Lord.

Got GAS? Genetically Altered Statements
We had a hilarious time October 18th, 2009 speaking on genitically altered religion or Genetically Altered Statements religion uses to nullify the power of the Word of God. You have to hear this!

What to Do Until Prosperity Arrives
What to do until your prosperity kicks in the "Flow" of supernatural wealth

Faith-How it Works
Understand how faith works, who has it, who can use it

Faith and Patience
What to do when you need an answer from God

The Just Shall Live by Faith
Learn what it means to live by faith.

Resting in Grace
Learn how to rest in the grace of God

On Being Filled with the Spirit
The Holy Spirit comes into our lives to administer the grace and the gifts of God. Learn how to be continually being filled with the Holy Spirit.

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